About us


We believe that every individual must ‘give till it hurts’, demonstrating the willingness to share one’s fortunes with those less privileged.

The key in taking care of the disABLED, is to “EMPOWER” them. To provide vocational skills which complements their capability, and thereby improve their spirit and prepare them to venture independently.

In this community, 60% persons belongs to low income group, are unaware to acquire adequate educational facilities, thus are unable to get proper and complete education. For these people, “SAMVEDNA” by utilizing its sources, runs and organizes different program throughout the year resulting in self-employment and social empowerment.

Thus, Empowering them to attain Self-Confidence, feel Self-reliant, be Self-supportive, have Self-sufficiency and thereby become SELF-ESTEEMED.



There are thousands of “Persons with disABILITY” in our society. Of which, some of them are skilled, some are semi-skilled and rest unskilled. Amongst these numbers “SAMVEDNA” is having and creating database of the “PERSONS WITH disABILITY” having outstanding professional as well as intellectual career and are in need searching for employment, but not getting proper placement for want of proper guidance.

To enable this community to equip accordingly with “POWER” as well as “STREHGTH”, a “MISSION EMPOWERMENT” has been launched for awarding them with employment and self employment.

“SAMVADENA” has come forward to assist this community of “Persons with disABILITY” in arranging proper placement at proper place, taking into consideration their physical performing ABILITY too.

“SAMVEDNA” feels that “The success can only be achieved by adapting various methods to the needs of these persons, who vary, one from the other, much more than the normal persons.”

Includes work towards raising awareness in appropriate forums about various issues affecting “Persons with disABILITIES. “SAMVEDNA” intends to act as a network for various grass root workers, volunteers and Governmental / Non-governmental Organizations.


As People with disABILITIES deserves the BEST ! “SAMVEDNA” intends to achieve the following:

  • To take measures for creating barrier free environment.
  • To assist in accessibility of Equal Opportunity and Protection of Rights, Life and Inherent Dignity.
  • To contribute efforts in providing employment / placement related services.
  • To contribute efforts for uplifting social status.
  • To provide technical or vocational training / skill to enable them to start their own small scale venture and become self-independent.
  • To assist in marketing commodities and articles manufactured or created or prepared or sold by disABLED person. Arrange job work for skilled craftsman and artisan personnel, thus enable them to be self-supported.
  • To seek solutions where possible to their disABILITY by providing access to orthopedic services, surgery, provide aids, appliances and thereby enable them to be self-reliant.
  • To prevent members from leading secluded life and involving them in social, cultural and other sporting activities/events.
  • To promote co-operative ventures. Work at home and earn projects like dress making, sewing, tailoring art and craft, etc.
  • To help the poor and needy meritorious students by way of providing educational aids and become self-esteemed.
  • To exhibit, market and export the handicraft products and articles made by “Differently able Persons”


One having certain physical impairment / disorder, resulting in his/her inability to perform/interact particular action due to attitudinal and environmental barriers, which he/she perform with different abilities, that too in a different manner, as such, it will be best to call him/her as “DIFFERENTLY ABLE BODY”. It is well said that “ Count their ABILITIES but not disABILITIES”


Samvedna is contributing efforts and devoting services, dedicated towards improving the standard of living of “PERSONS WITH disABILITY” of OUR SOCIETY by assisting them to live life with honour, respect and inherent dignity.

On 26th March, 2010 “SAMVEDNA” came into existence having Regd. No. E/7338/Vadodara of Charity Commissioner, Vadodara, Gujarat, India “SAMVEDNA” Ideology is based on five “S” i.e. “SERVICE”, “SINCERITY”, “SACRIFICE”, “SUPPORT” AND “SUCCESS”.

The main objective of “SAMVEDNA” is to contribute efforts for creating sources and searching areas for employment, create resources for self employment and marketing hand made commodities / articles of self employed “Persons with disABILITY” and thereby enabling them to generate source of Income to establish their life and fulfill their dreams.


The “SAMVEDNA” of these people is, do not place dis in their “ABILITY” or Ignore “dis” from disABILITY by identifying and exploring their potential and thereby fulfill their dreams and aspirations. > They feel that, we the ones who are challenged, need to be heard. To be seen not as a disABILED, but as a person who has, and will continue to bloom. To be seen not only as a handicap but as a well intact human being, EXPECTING YOUR SUPPORT saying “SATHI HATH BADHANA”. Having inspired and motivated, this TRUST has been formed, is an autonomous registered CHARITABLE INSTITUTION, dedicated towards socio-economic change of “disABLED” peoples Community” and their life style.


Our aim is to stand side by side, strengthen and empower Physically Challenged Persons, who have no other form of support in society, to develop necessary skills and to live an independent life and support their family. “SAMVEDNA” strongly advocates integration and inclusion of “Persons with disABILITY” into society for their financial self-sufficiency.


ADDING VALUE – ” SAMVEDNA” believe that we add value only when we do something that no one else is currently doing,or when we do it in a better way. “SAMVEDNA” does not believe in shredding tears or flourish in charity for aids and appliances but we collectively believe in “EMPOWERING” them through employment or self-employment and share their “VEDNA”(pain) having SAME+VEDNA = “SAMVEDNA”. The social position of disABLED persons is poor, driven by unawareness and ignorance. “SAMVEDNA” believes strongly in the potential of disABLED peoples, to lead meaningful life. If proper care, attention and training is given, then the vast majority of the disABLED can overcome their disadvantaged position and can contribute to society with their ability that too in REMARKABLE MANNER. “SAMVEDNA” feels that whatever may be the seed and the soil, the care and supervision have values. Similarly, whatever, may be the level of intelligence of an individual, the education and training have values. It is this value that we accept, understand and try to do our best within the limits of our resources.


The Constitution of India ensures equality, freedom, justice and dignity of all individuals and implicitly mandates an inclusive society for all including the persons with disabilities. As per the provisions of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 eleven categories of disabilities have been identified viz., blindness, low vision, leprosy cured, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation and mental illness, CP, Multiple disABILITY, etc. Persons falling under the above categories with a minimum of 40% disability are eligible for entitlement of all benefits provided by the government.
As per the 11th Plan persons with disabilities could be as high as 5-6% of India’s total population. This substantial portion of our population needs equal services and opportunities for their overall development, which is also an essential attribute for the inclusive growth. Hence while recognizing the differently-able people as valuable human resource to our country, the government has had been taking various initiatives to bring them at par with the mainstream.
The policies of the government towards the welfare of persons with disabilities have been reflected in the enactments, schemes and through institutions established for development of manpower for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
Equity or “equal opportunity” is the cornerstone to civilization. Every human being must have roughly the same opportunity to succeed in life, irrespective of any community.
For this community, disABILITY is an evolving concept and that dis-ABILITY results from the interaction between persons with impairments which hinders their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others. If equal opportunity is awarded to “Persons with disABILITIES then they can prove to be worth indeed.