Under “MISSION EMPOWERMENT” till date organized four JOB FAIRS at Vadodara in Co-ordination with Government of Gujarat Department of Employment & Training and Industrial Safety & Health in Vadodara. Through this Job fairs we were able to give opportunity to 3000 PWD of Vadodara district to showcase their skill, talent and unlimited abilities. Simultaneously, given scope to 168 employers to select PWD as per their requirement and thereby award placement as per their requirement to PWD based on their qualification, experience and intellectual.

Under this initiative, L&T, Vadodara has come forward to give opportunity of employment to PWDs. Have assigned work of packing electrical components. As a result some PWDs have been given job work through which today they are earning their livelihood.

“SAMVEDNA” emphasis on promotion of self-employment for ‘Persons with Disabilities” to work as a freelance or for owns business and thereby become स्व + आश्रय i.e. Swashray. However, there is a need of general awareness and dissemination of proper information on such self-employment opportunities among the unemployed “Persons with Disabilities” through various medias. With a view to support, assist and guide this community, we have come forward to help unemployed “Persons with Disabilities” who have self-employABILITY (स्व–रोजगार क्षमता) and desires to become self-sufficient.

Many PWD consider themselves setting up business, to earn some money and a lead a better lifestyle, which is more attractive than life on benefits. The flexibility that self-employment affords them is often more viable option than the “9 to 5” environment of working life. It is a means for these people to gain free environment, financial independence and more control in their lives. There are several self-employment opportunities for such people. Our government also provides loans for setting up small business or small scale venture or home made products to interested beneficiaries and thus one can become self-sufficient.

We promote Self-employment for those PWD who are unable to get employment or are willingly to work as freelancer. Under this initiative we give small Kits to utmost needy PWDs for conducting Self-employment to become Self-Independent.

PWD generally face much hardships in searching perfect life-mate matching with their requirement, hence, are unable to come into contact with a perfect match residing in some other place.

SAMVEDNA as our social obligations (सामाजिक दायित्व) has come forward to fulfill this requirement.  Under “BANDHAN” we have organized at Vadodara three विकलांग (विशिश्टांग) जीवनसाथी परिचय मेला.  Wherein, 2000 PWD participates as candidates to search and select their life-mate.

We have organized four group in co-ordination with Municipal Councilor, Shri Rajesh Ayare of which 77 couples tied knot through a wedding rituals – a bond that putatively lasts until death… may also be called as ” गठबंधन जन्मो जनम का ”. All these adopted kanyas  were honoured by a significant Ceremony a “KANYADAN” – The joy of Giving all the needy routine basic  household and kitchen items required for initially establishing life after marriage.


Our daughter is considered as a ‘GHAR KI LAKSHMI”. The joy of conducting marriage of our daughter is far better than the joy of conducting marriage of “DUSRE GHAR KI LAKSHMI” daughter of unprivileged poor person – A humanitarian act.

PWD are facing very much hardships of being trained for driving invalid motor car due to unavailability of proper training school specifically for PWDs as such SAMVEDNA came forward to assist them in getting trained to drive invalid motor car independently.   In Sept- 2015 a training camp was organized for learning invalid motor in co-ordination with “ABILITY ON WHEELS”.   Through this initiative 14 PWD successfully completed their training and are now able to drive motor car independently.

The frightful night of 26th November, 2008 and the coming three days, when our famous structure the “Taj Hotel”, “Oberoi Hotel” and “Nariman House” in Mumbai, where 100s of innocent peoples perished to the brutal act of terrorism can never be forgotten.  

We as differently able persons also wanted to contribute efforts to fight against terrorism came forward with a motto “BHARAT JODO ABHIYAN” under a slogan ‘SATHI HATH BADHANA”.  With this intension on 20th December, 2008 a rally was organized, where a Differently able person Shri Parag Panchal of Ahmedabad walking with clutches, showed his efforts by walking reversely on back footsteps for about 5 kms (i.e starting from Nazarbaug and concluding to Hon’able Sardar Patel’s statue) along with 32 students, who were exposed and 32 States of our India, forming a chain by catching each other’s hands, with a message to our fellow Indians to Join hands to Hands  with them and expecting village to villages, street to streets, city to cities, state to states to unite and fight against Terrorism. (Copy of press report enclosed herewith).

To live life, sufficient food is essential.  All living being should get sufficient food to eat.  No one should starve because of hungry.  We here too collectively believe that there should be “FOOD FOR ALL” without any discrimination of religion, caste, Creed, colour, community or physical impairment.  

There are numerous people who are not able to get good for a single time in a day.  Rather to say does not get sufficient food to eat to live.  मनुष्य दाने दाने के लिए तरसता है.  

Samvedna feels that searching GOD in temples will never find GOD.  THOU GOD resides in our vicinity, in every human being.  Considering the aspect of “MANAV DHARMA MAHAN” has come forward to “Save waste of food and thereby “Serve Food TO HUNGRY”.  

Under the campaign “GIFT HUNGRY” (i.e. Give Immense Food To Hungry) we collect extra food lying as a result of any Party, Wedding Ceremony or holly function.  The said food is distributed by our “SATHI” (i.e. Volunteers) to poor people of slum area, who are not even able to get food for a single time resulting them to go to bed hungry drinking water to raze hunger.   

As a result of our campaign, we were able to save huge amount of food stuff let over for garbage.  As a result of this campaign we got an opportunity to serve food to poor hungry people.  

FEB 2017

During the month of January-February-2017 organizing a unique one of it's kind group marriage of PERSONS WITH disaBILITIES SAPTPADI (THIRD) is to be organized at Vadodara (Gujarat).

DEC 2016

During the month of December organizing MISSION EMPOWERMENT (FIFTH)- A JOB FAIR for PERSONS WITH disABILITIES\" is to be organized at Vadodara (Gujarat).

SEP 2016

During the month of September-2016 A FOURTH AKHIL GUJARAT VISISTHANG (VIKLANG) PARICHAY SAMMELAN - BANDHAN-TERI TALASH MAI SATHIYA" is to be organized at Vadodara (Gujarat).